360 Virtual Tour Hotels

360 VR Hotels


A 3D virtual tour of your luxury hotel offers guests a truly modern and engaging way to view your facilities, décor, appearance, and atmosphere to drive direct bookings. A 3D scan can also be sent directly to customers via a web link, marketing campaigns, or even a showcase at VR headset display stands. A virtual tour is known to increase direct bookings by more than 20%.

For hotel owners, keeping up with the latest trends in video marketing is essential, and the 360 ° video tour of the hotel is one of the biggest trends in recent times.

Several factors explain why 360 ° video tours of hotels have become more popular, including improvements in the technology itself and the increased prevalence of virtual reality headsets. However, it is also increasingly believed that marketing works best when it offers an experience to your audience.

360 Scanify has a keen eye for detail from the moment we interact with customers to deliver the product. Exceptional customer service and quality are essential, as this is what drives repeat business.

360 Scanify technology will increase your website’s ranking in search engines using behavioral and conversion rate metrics. It is a very simple but effective advertising method. The bright and realistic 3D tour will highlight your status and bring you many more visitors than any photo you have taken.


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